Before | After The Post Office

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This diptych was the prototype of an experimental design which cannot be called wholly “scientific”, and yet which can hopefully yield insights on, and accompany the question: how visible is the impact of micro-events and long-term change on our face?

I talk in terms of methodology because the purpose here is to know and describe—not to illustrate or imagine what would “look good” as a difference between the moments.

Think NOT Norman Rockwell, or Will Eisner on how to represent emotions. Rather, think I.D. pictures (whose approach I emulate), and Walker Evans “preserving segments of time itself”, with “nothing… to be imposed on experience”; with “the truth… to be discovered, not constructed” (John Szarkowski, introduction to “Walker Evans”, Museum of Modern Art exhibition, 1971).

The discussion on the possibility and meaning of such a project continues with the other images (some of which are yet to be uploaded).

Before | After the Post Office