Highly-Skilled Immigrants

Part of my career involved working in social entrepreneurship at Gvahim. The non-profit organization helps highly-skilled “Olim” (new immigrants) find quality employment in Israel.

The brief—an internal reporting assignment (with PR potential of course) over the 2011-2014 period—was to capture visually the processes that come into play in the work of the organization, as the immigrants are trained and accompanied until they get their foot into the door of the Israeli job market.

1. Careers

Bentzi, from the USA, and Sarah, from France, during a group job search session led by Gvahim’s Placement Team.
Joëlle, from France, tells Gvahim Placement Coordinator Maya what her dream career in Israel would be.
Gvahim consultant Sharon Leshem Morad helps Anastasia, an Ola from the Former Soviet Union, to adapt her CV to the Israeli job market.
In the hot seat. Anat Geifman Broder debriefs the job interview simulation she just gave to Sinai in front of his fellow participants in Gvahim’s Career Accelerator Program.
Gvahim Mentors Training at Bank Discount, led by former ECI Vice President of Human Resources Ofer Zaks. At Gvahim, Israeli mentors play a central role in the Olim’s job search.
A recent immigrant to Israel exchanges business cards with the QA Manager of Pontis Israel, at a Job Fair focusing on SaaS companies and held at Google TLV Campus.
A Vice-President of Bank Discount gives a lecture on the Israeli economy to a group of Gvahim Alumni with a financial profile, at the Bank.
Nicholas, an Oleh lawyer from France, is interviewed by the Epstein Rosenblum Maoz (ERM) law firm during a Legal Job Fair held at Gvahim.
Denis and Masha, who are both Alumni of Gvahim’s Career Programs, now share an office at NICE Systems in Ra’anana.
Some of the professionals involved in the partnership between Gvahim and NICE Systems, including HR managers, mentors, and Olim recruited from Gvahim’s programs over the years.
Breakfast meeting of the Gvahim Alumni Fund, created by Alumni now working in quality positions and eager to help the next generation of Olim succeed in Israel.

2. Entrepreneurship

Moving in and making new friends… TheHive by Gvahim Ashdod — the city’s first startup accelerator — goes live.
Yael, an Ola from the Former Soviet Union and the USA, working at TheHive Tel Aviv (then located at Mazeh 9).
Working at TheHive in Tel Aviv (unlike the other shots in this series, this picture was scripted and directed).
Mickael, an entrepreneur from France, receives advice from an Israeli mentor at TheHive by Gvahim Tel Aviv.
Miron from Israel and Jenny from the USA with Lior Yekoutieli (right), Developers Experience Manager, Israel at Nokia.
Nat, a student from France, does an internship in a startup at TheHive Tel Aviv thanks to Gvahim’s third flagship programs, “Gvahim Young Leaders”
Gvahim Alumna Vienne Chan receives the ‘Best Entrepreneur’ prize of Go4Europe for her startup “BOB from Head Up Tribe”, less than a week after being voted to 1st place at the Pitch Night of TheHive3