Visual Brand-building

As a photographer and communications professional, I help marketing departments take their visual presence to a level where customers, investors and partners are excited to interact with their brand because their images tell a compelling story.

Specifically, I produce high-impact pictures which capture, with a magazine feel, the ways in which people and organizations are changing the world.

Three things help me do that:

  • My visual style, which is inspired by reportage storytelling as well as lifestyle & fashion photography.
  • My background in marketing & communications. I have served as Fundraising & Communications Director (and In-House Photographer) at Gvahim, a social startup of highly-skilled professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world. In other words, I’ve sat on both sides of the fence, and I’ve learned to shoot based not just on my visual hunches, but also based on a thorough stakeholders and business analysis.
  • My background as a researcher & lecturer in the field of communications. I earned a PhD in Linguistics from the Sorbonne University in Paris, and I see photography as a way to translate visually and emotionally what would take, as the saying goes, “a thousand words” to express. I don’t “just shoot”, I explore things in depth, and my enthusiasm for what I discover usually finds its way into the pictures.

I live in the Tel Aviv area and take assignments all over Israel.

Backstory—if you really want to know…

I was born into a world of words, the son of an anthropologist and a French literature teacher. Still, my mother, an abstract painter, took us five kids to the museum on most Sundays; and as soon as my father started taking me to the cinema, I was hooked on the power of images to tell stories (we didn’t have a TV at home). I started playing with cameras at age 10 when my parents first lent me their SLR for a summer photography course.

I made my way into both worlds, but the common focal point was always the sheer pleasure of telling stories, verbally and visually.

How about discussing the story you’d like to tell?